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Many of these woodworking products use a method called Intarsia.
Intarsia is something hand-made from a variety of different woods all
shaped, sanded, fitted & finished with an indoor/outdoor varnish.
(A hand-rubbed, rustic finish is also available.)  It's a time consuming
process but yields beautiful results. Because of the time it takes, we appreciate
 your patience in allowing 4-6 weeks for shipping. These intarsia pieces are crafted by Barry Gilfilen.
Thank you!

“STAR” Wood Wall Art

Striking wall art featuring painted and plain recycled wood surrounded by a rustic cedar frame.
Measures 20” x 20”.

Buy Now: Star Wood Wall Art $45
1 available

“QUILT” Wood Wall Art
Lovely “quilted” wall art featuring sequoia and poplar
 woods surrounded by a walnut frame.
Measures 15.25” x 15.25”. Handcrafted.
Varnish finish.

Buy Now Quilt Wood Wall Art  $45
1 available

Beautiful handcrafted sequoia wood serving
or display tray. Handcrafted. Measures 20.5”x16.5”.
 Varnish finish.

Buy Now Sequoia Wood Tray  $45
1 available

Moon over Mountains Pallet Wall Art
Handcrafted pallet wall art featuring moon over
 mountains. Hand painted moon.
 Measures 24.5”x19.5”. Varnish finish. 

Buy Now Moon over Mountains Pallet Art  $55

Rustic Pine Stained Serving Tray
Handcrafted rustic pine serving tray or display piece. Measures 21.5” x16.5”. Varnish finish.

Buy NowPine Serving Tray  $34


Praying Hands
Praying Hands measures 12.5” wide x 18.25” high.

Buy Praying Hands:   $89


Great depth and beauty to this intarsia wall art called Woodland Trail. Note the 3-dimensional
trees and twig accents. Woods used: walnut, cedar, elm and mahogany. (Woods may vary.)
 Measures 33” wide by 24” tall.

Buy Woodland Trail:   $250

African Adventure African Adventure African Adventure

Bring this amazing African Adventure “statement” piece into your home or office.
Hand-crafted with over 700 pieces, it features 25 animals.
 There’s a guide and listing for each animal on the back of this piece.
It’s mounted on wood and inserted into its own frame. Measurements: 45”x33”.
Woods include elm, oak, walnut, maple, Western red cedar and aromatic cedar.

Buy African Adventure now: $1800

Framed Jesus All Mine
Framed JESUS
Measures 32”x26”
Handsome, large framed Jesus featuring
a variety of woods. Exceptional detail.

Buy Framed Jesus Now:   $465

Measures: 21”x15”
This squirrel has claimed
 these pumpkins are “all his”…

Buy All Mine Now:  $159

Otter Canoeing

Measures: 9-1/2”x17-1/2”
Cute little otter is floating
to his next destination.

Buy Otter Now:   $99

Canoeing with Cabin
Measures 21”x17”
Barry used a blue painted trim so this
intarsia piece stands out, bringing in the color
of water. The canoe is awesome, made using
aromatic cedar.

Buy Canoeing with Cabin Now:  $188

Rocky Top Cabin Rooster Weathervane

Rocky Top Cabin
Measures 15.625”H x 19”W
Country cabin features a variety of
woods with some 3-dimensional features.
As seen in Country Sampler Magazine,
December/January issue.

Buy Rocky Top Cabin Now:  $195

 Rooster Weathervane
Measures 21-3/4”H x 15-1/2”W
Maybe you’d find this rooster outside
the cabin next door.  =)  This fellow has
a crown and feathers made using aromatic cedar.

(Woods may variety with each piece.)

Buy Rooster:   $159

Measures 17-1/2”x16”
Barry recently finished this personalized pug
for one of our customers. This is a darker pug.
He can also do a lighter version.
Buy PUG Now:  $165

Cowboy Native American
COWBOY: Hand-crafted using a variety of woods,
this handsome, 3-dimensional, framed
COWBOY measures 24” wide x 27” tall.
Buy Cowboy:  $275
NATIVE AMERICAN: Hand-crafted using a variety of woods,
this striking 3-dimensional intarsia woodworking framed
art measures 26” wide x 28” tall.
Buy Native American:   $275



“Canoeing” scene using a variety of
woods with lots of character!
Measures 22”Hx`15”W.

This is an awesome piece. 
It’s large and really stands out.  Measures 20”Hx32”W.


Big Horn

“Chipmunks” Too cute these little critters,
featuring a variety of woods. Lots of detail.
As seen in Country Sampler magazine.

Big Horn
Measures 17.5”Hx17”W.

Raccoon on a Limb

Yellow Lab

Raccoon on a Limb
Measures 39”W x 16”H. Three dimensional raccoon intarsia made from aromatic cedar, Western red cedar, elm and walnut. Lots of detail in the leaves.

Yellow Lab
Measures 18”x14”. Dimensional yellow lab head intarsia using elm, maple, walnut and aromatic cedar.

Bear Scene


Bear Scene
 Handcrafted, 3-dimensional intarsia bear scene done in a variety of woods.

The cougar head may be ordered on its own.




This intarsia pheasant is striking!  Rough hewn cedar gives the feathers texture with glimmers of the tung oil finish. Nice piece.

It wouldn't be Lodge-ical if we didn't offer an intarsia moose!
So here he is.  We call him The Lone Moose.
Measuring 15" x 22",  he'll handsomely grace
your home or office for $150.



Salmon Coat Rack-Hand Rubbed


Salmon Coat Rack-Stained Pine

Salmon Coat Rack
There are 2 versions of our salmon coat rack.  Top, mounted on stained pine with hand-rubbed finish.  Bottom, mounted on stained pine with gloss varnish.  Both include vintage hangers.  Approximate size: 14” high x 28” wide.
$175 each

Buy Stained Pine with Hand-rubbed Finish - $175
Buy Stained Pine with Gloss Finish - $175



Flying Geese
Create your own wildlife scene on an inside or outside wall!  All 4 handsome
flying geese (Mom 12" x 22", Dad 13" x 22" and 2 kids 6" x 11" each) for $245
Buy Entire Set of Geese - $245
Buy Dad Goose - $
Buy Mom Goose - $
Buy Set of 2 Baby Geese - $


Northwest Salmon

Large Mouth Bass

Northwest Salmon
Inspired by Northwest salmon, Barry created this intarsia 
salmon. Mounted on a wall, it's a dramatic piece for your lodge-style home or office.
Approx. size 9-1/2"h x 28"w - $150

Large Mouth Bass - $150



New to our repertoire of intarsia pieces is the majestic Elk.  This has been a popular one.


Two cute bears hangin’ out in a tree. They’re best friends. This
intarsia piece measures 16.5” in diameter. Woods used include
textured walnut, aromatic cedar, mahogany and maple.

Buy Best Friends intarsia:   $175


Howling wolf features textured wood…with full moon in back and mountains below.
Woods may vary. Measures 23” wide by 17” high.

Buy Lone Wolf:   $150

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